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Karlsruhe, 11.01. 2017

Crystop GmbH and IPcopter GmbH & Co. KG Bundle forces

With effect from January 1, 2017, the companies Crystop GmbH and IPcopter GmbH & Co. KG bundle the forces in the area of ​​development, production, logistics and customer service for automatically aligned antennas for Internet access via satellite. This bundling of forces is underpinned by the acquisition of Crystop shares by IPcopter.

The IPcopter business volume with the development, distribution and customer service of self-aligned Internet satellite antennas has grown to a size that can only be met with a strong partner. In the wake of the partnership, IPcopter is completely handing over the range of automatically aligned satellite systems to Crystop. With its experience in the motorhome sector, its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products and resources for production, quality assurance, logistics and customer service, Crystop is the ideal partner for IPcopter. Crystop has thus expanded its portfolio with innovative Fly-Away and Drive-Away systems for the Eutelsat tooway network and has positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturers of self-aligned satellite Internet systems for the networks of Eutelsat and Astra with excellent price-performance ratio and high quality. Together with IPcopter, the customer's antenna system and Internet access can now be offered from a single source.

"Thanks to its partnership with IPcopter, Crystop is the only manufacturer of automatically aligning satellite antennas in Europe with a portfolio ranging from the flat TV set to the professional internet system for fire brigades or TV stations," says Martin Nierlich, Managing Director of Crystop GmbH. "The partnership with Crystop enables us to expand our market position in some areas and conquer new markets", says Dr. Bernhard Neumeyer, Managing Director of IPcopter GmbH & Co. KG. for sure.

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