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NewsSpotter® ยป NETWORK & SERVICES

Europe-wide Coverage

The NewsSpotter service is operated by the Eutelsat Ka-Sat, the most modern communication satellites in Europe. The performance of the satellite is distributed across 83 so-called spotbeams across Europe. This allows a much higher capacity: the Ka-Sat has the capacity of about 35 "normal" satellites. This has a very positive effect on the quality of the Internet access.

The NewsSpotter service via Ka-Sat is beamless: no matter what spotbeam you are in, your newsspotter service is automatically established.


The connection of your IPcopter satellite system to the Internet takes place via the high-performance backbone in Frankfurt. When a connection is established, traffic is first sent to the KA-Sat satellite and routed to the Skylogic internal network. From there the routing to the Internet Backbone in Frankfurt takes place.

Optionally, leased lines can be used to route traffic from the backbone directly to the desired destination. So, latencies can be reduced and the quality can be further improved.

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