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IPCopter® ┬╗ About Us

IPcopter GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2004. Since then, IPcopter has become the leading provider of service providers and antenna manufacturers for nomadic Internet access via satellite.

A specially built and operated network via satellite Hellas Sat supplied several thousand mobile homes and ships, which were equipped with suitable antennas and the IPcopter Internet access by August 2012. The high IPcopter service quality and our reliable, pan-European coverage were fast.

In order to optimize the Internet performance and meet the increasing capacity requirements, our customers were re-ported to the Astra2Connect network as of June 1.

Again, IPcopter plays a leading role in the use of the Eutelsat-operated KA-SAT satellite. This satellite is specially designed for Internet operation and is about 30 times more powerful than an Astra TV satellite. In March 2012, IPcopter introduced the first KA-SAT-approved automatic alignment antenna. Together with the partner company Crystop GmbH, the portfolio now includes automatic antenna systems from the compact Fly-Away to the 1m SNG system. The systems are approved by the network operator (type approved by Eutelsat).

In cooperation with Crystop, we have succeeded in covering the entire value-added chain of the satellite Internet service: We offer you the fully automatic antenna, the Europe-wide powerful Newsspotter® Internet access, the assembly and, of course, the customer service.

Managing Director of IPcopter GmbH & Co. KG is Dr. Ing. Bernhard Neumeyer, who has a long experience in satellite communications.

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